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Oklahoma-Style BBQ

If one were to ask ten BBQ enthusiasts which characteristics are most important in defining a particular region’s BBQ “style”, one would likely get ten different answers. They will include:

  • The cuts and/or types of meat
  • The wood used to smoke the meat
  • The temperature and/or techniques used to smoke the meat
  • The ingredients used in the BBQ sauce
  • The types of side orders and/or the ingredients used to make them

Dubbed “Oklahoma-Style”, we have developed our own brand of BBQ and it’s defined by four specific characteristics. Of these four characteristics, only two focus on the actual food. We think it is necessary to take it a step further by assigning characteristics which focus on the service and value to the customer.

  • OAK-SMOKED MEATS—oak has a mild smoky flavor that allows for heavy smoking while still preserving the actual taste of the meat. Woods like hickory and mesquite are very pungent and can overpower the flavors provided by the meat. The key to great meat is preserving a balance between the flavor of the smoke, and the flavor of the meat.
  • SAUCE ON THE SIDE—we believe that BBQ sauce should be an option, not a requirement. BBQ sauce on the meat can often be a cover up for poor meat cooking and/or holding techniques. Although our sauces are made in-house every day, and taste fantastic, great BBQ should have nothing to hide and can do without it.
  • COUNTER-SIDE SERVICE—the only way to get the freshest possible product is to have the order prepared right before your eyes. The people preparing your food can answer your questions, make recommendations, and accommodate specific requests. The customer’s proximity to the food preparation eliminates most mistakes and improves employee performance.
  • VALUE—our streamlined staff and low overhead allow us to put generous portions of the best product in town on the plate at prices that still undercut the competition. Our numerous promotions, daily lunch specials, and standard anytime discounts only add to the value we strive to provide every day.
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