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Bird Dog BBQ: Best BBQ in Colorado Springs 2007-2016!


“"Best BBQ in the Springs (by far)” 5 of 5. May 19, 2014

There's a reason why they've won "Best BBQ" in the Springs since 2007, they're THAT good. Their chopped brisket is unbelievably moist and tasty. Their beans... wow, even better than when I lived in the south... and barbecue is a way of life there. And for my fellow 'real' sweet tea lovers, you will love it, again and again."

- Erica, Trip Advisor



Bird Dog BBQ smoked turkey, baked potato, beans and toast

"5 of 5. Reviewed 9/3/2015

Here's a solid and true statement - I have never had anything from here that wasn't really good. And I mean really good. The other day we tried the Doghouse and I wanted to slap myself it was so good. I mean stupid good. It's actually unfair how delicious it was. It's like a big happy pile of culinary delight just winking at me to join in on the fun. Brisket, hot links, polish sausage, beans, cheese in a big pile of melted joy. Everything is really good but I'm hooked on the Doghouse. Add in some coleslaw, potato salad, pickles and peppers and you're done! The guys that work here are terrific and have a great sense of humor. They're fun and more than willing to help you with your decision. They are happy to let you taste anything. 5 stars, no question!"

-Peter S., Yelp, Colorado Springs, CO



"5 of 5. Reviewed 3/30/2016

Meat was tender and flavorful. We tried the turkey and brisket, loved them both. We got the birds nest and enjoyed every bite! Service was excellent. Will be back!"

-Wendy K., Colorado Springs, CO



"5 of 5. Reviewed 7/25/2015

This review is long overdue! I have been going to this place for years. Not just some of the best BBQ in the Springs, some of the best in general! I always order the turkey sandwich and smother beans and BBQ sauce all over it. Huge fan! Of all locations too."

-Craig M., Yelp, Colorado Springs, CO


"5 of 5. Reviewed 8/16/2015

I would have to say, this place has some pretty spot on BBQ. The casual hole on the wall feel with the upbeat staff is a marriage for a perfect dining experience. Try the brisket and potato salad, mixed with their homemade sauces, and your tastebuds will fall in love with you over and over. I know I hound the gluten free/allergen friendly thing in my reviews, but let me highlight here they know allergens. Knew what I couldn't eat and even changed their gloves prior to serving me. And just to add, how can you not love that every table has cute pictures of puppies underneath the glass? While it made me miss my pup, I just may have to email them one to add to the collection! Great spot, great employees, great BBQ! Check it out and I promise, you'll be dying to go back!"

-Binzie B. Yelp, Medway, Mass


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