Is BBQ Catering Right for a Wedding?

Colorado BBQ Wedding Catering

Is BBQ Catering Right for a Wedding?

It’s no secret that choosing BBQ catering for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and wedding receptions is all the rage right now. Whether your main concern is being on trend, keeping costs low, appealing to a variety of tastes, or simply being able to provide a type of cuisine that everyone knows and loves, choosing barbecue covers all of your bases. “You can dress it up or dress it down and still pull it off without a grill in sight!”

BBQ is a Tried and True Crowd Pleaser

When thinking about what your wedding menu will be, the hardest part is finding something that will please the majority of your guests. Perhaps this is why you are asking “is BBQ catering right for a wedding?” With all the dietary restrictions out there today, you have to consider who is gluten free, who is vegetarian, who is allergic to dairy, etc. Just thinking about all of these factors is enough to give you a headache, let alone trying to find a catering company who can accommodate them all without charging an arm and a leg or serving something that resembles salted cardboard.

Another worry couples often face is how to serve a high quality meal without being overly ostentatious. Bechamel, au poivre, herbs de provence, while these ingredients might be delicious, and some of your guests would be stoked to enjoy them, you don’t want the rest of your guests eating something they can’t pronounce or feel embarrassed to order. You also don’t want to be spending a fortune on food that most guests will not truly be able to appreciate. Is BBQ catering right for a wedding? Yes! Offer your guests multiple choices of BBQ meats, add on some potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans, supplement with corn cobettes, a garden salad, or black bean burgers and you’ve pleased everyone, including the kiddos and gram and gramp;)

Is BBQ Catering Right for a Wedding?

BBQ is, and has been, the Quintessential Social Cuisine of America.

With roots reaching back to colonial times, BBQ has been a part of American history, tradition, and culture since the birth of our country. You’d be hard pressed to find someone today who has never enjoyed BBQ. Instead, more than likely the mention of BBQ will excite people to share their stories about their favorite hole in the wall BBQ place or their favorite type of sauce, or the best brisket they have ever had.

The important social, political, and cultural gatherings of barbecues have spanned three centuries and its cultural significance remains important today, and with good reason! “Barbecue allowed an abundance of food to be cooked at once and quickly became the go-to menu item for large gatherings like church festivals and neighborhood picnics,” says Claire Suddath at

When asked about why they chose to celebrate their big day with BBQ, Asha and Jay proclaimed, “We knew we wanted a wedding that celebrated not just us, but allowed our families a chance to spend meaningful time with each other….We decided to focus on creating a space that would foster creating a community.” With weddings often being the largest and most meaningful social event a couple will put on in their lives, it seems undeniable that the answer to the question “is BBQ catering right for a wedding?” would be met with a resounding yes.

Is BBQ Catering Right for a Wedding?

Formal or Informal, BBQ is Affordable!

With the average cost of a wedding in 2018 coming in at more than $44,000, according to the Brides 2018 American Wedding Study, you might be looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Whether you are going for something relaxed and casual or something more formal and classic, the options to set up and serve BBQ are as unique as you are.

At Bird Dog BBQ, our catering plans start at just $7 per person for those of you who care solely about the quality of the food and don’t mind plastic utensils:). “Honestly, if it’s good BBQ, guests will be happy they're eating something delicious and not focusing on how "dressed up" the buffet line is,” exclaimed Seth'sGirl via Wedding Wire. If you prefer something a bit more elegant, we can get as formal as you like, customizing our plans to fit the style of your wedding. We can even arrange for tables, linens, china, silverware, and more, depending on your needs.

Need some inspiration? Check out these formal BBQ wedding examples:

  • Christina and Peter hosted an event that honored the people, places and things they love dearly – from their location to their desserts and everything in between. I hope you enjoy this lovely “formal BBQ garden party” wedding as much as we have!”
  • “As history buffs and Rocky Mountain lovers, there was no better place for Julian and Robert to start the beginning of their forever than at one of Colorado’s most historic and iconic venues, The Stanley Hotel nestled in Estes Park, the epic views and old-world charm of this hotel fit the couple’s understated yet impeccably designed vibe brilliantly.”
  • Amanda and Dominique’s Studio Elevn celebration was full of downtown vibes and a modern chic aesthetic with plenty of relaxed details that embraced the couple’s roots.”

Perhaps you something more laid back or non-traditional? Here are a few unique BBQ wedding ideas:

  • Veronica and John toasted with the, ‘First Rib’ and later on were so worried about having extra food left over to take home to their one-bedroom apartment that they kept telling everyone to take some with them and even had some to-go boxes laid out for that purpose. They apparently excel at salesmanship because they had almost none to take home with them for dinner that night.”
  • “BBQ. Rustic details. A winery venue. Could there be a better combination? Jessica and Alex created a fun and beautiful wedding and reception for 130 guests on a budget of $8K!”
  • Ann-Marie and Yasmine were married in April of 2016 but wanted to get weddinged in fancy fashion with a laid-back barbecue in the park kind of celebration.”

No matter what style you choose, creating a successful wedding comes down to three things: great company, delicious food, and fun music. Is BBQ catering right for a wedding? If you want to check the “delicious food” part off the list then you bet it is! Giving the best, local, Colorado BBQ sauce as a guest favor doesn’t hurt either;)

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